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The Help Notes are below to assist you in uploading and viewing content.

Uploading Videos:
If the option of uploading videos is available to you as a user of the system then simply click on the "Upload a video" button on the menu bar.
Log in using your user credentials as issued to you by the System Administrator.
You must then add the video's meta data, including Title, Category, Description, Your Contributor Name as well as your e-mail address.

Click on Next

You will then be prompted to upload your video file. The maximum recommended file size is 500Mb.

Upon upload a progression bar will show the percentage of the file that has been uploaded. Once the whole file has been uploaded the system will begin to extract the thumbnails from the video. Please wait for the thumbnails to appear on the page - a "Loading Thumbnails" icon will appear in the interim.

If the extraction of thumbnails is successful eight random thumbnails will appear on the page. Please select one of these and click on "Next"

If thumbnails are not extracted for the video file then you will be given the option of uploading your own or alternatively selecting the default thumbnail for the Category you have uploaded your file into.

Images uploaded for thumbnails must be 320W X 204H and the format must be .jpg

Click Next

You will be asked if you would like to upload any associated files - the following extensions are allowed *.doc;*.docx;*.ppt;*.pptx;*.xls;*.xlsx;*.pdf;*.swf;*.jpg;*.gif;*.htm;*.txt;* .zip;*.mp3

Done !
Your video has now been uploaded to the system. You will receive an e-mail issuing you with a link to your video once the system has encoded the file for streaming delivery.


Please be patient as the system may have a queue of files that it is working on and may need to encode the file in different formats or at different quality levels dependent on the set up of your system.

Content Browsing:

Once you have logged into the system to view videos in a certain category simply click on the category name you desire on the left hand side menu. To view a specific video either click on the video thumbnail or on the video title.

The Video Window will be displayed. This has various user options dependent on the way your system has been configured. The option to flick from High to Low Quality Video is simply done by selecting either High or Low on the drop down menu.

Clicking on the "Full Screen" Option, where available, makes the video viewer expand to fill the page. Return to the normal size by simply pressing on the "Esc" key on your keyboard.

Embed Code can also be copied from the Video Window so that you may embed your video in a web page.

Unsuccessful Uploads:

On rare occasions some files will not be encoded by the system and you will be returned with an e-mail to notify you of this.

This can be for a variety of reasons mainly to do with the audio and video codecs contained in your video file not being recognised by the system's encoder.

The event that this happens please alert your System Administrator who will advise accordingly.